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If you want to make a dent in the universe, you need to hire the very best people at what they do.
We follow our recipes to cook unforgettable dishes.
Walking the talk and talking the walk.
Thoughts we carry in our hearts and minds.

Lean production

We allocate our resources into what matters, and fight feature creep; the result is a functioning prototype in less time with all needed features.

Small teams

You don’t need an army to build a solution. Sometimes all it takes is just two crazy believers who think that they can change the world.

Cutting edge technology

We keep ourselves up to date with the latest technologies, so when projects come in, we select the best and latest working methodology.

Strategy driven

It’s not about what we like. It’s not about what clients want. It’s about what users need. And when it comes to users, we rely on data, not guesses.


Perfection takes versions, and as there are a million ways of connecting the dots; we try different routes until we find the perfect one.

Working closely

No one knows the industry better than someone who has worked on it for years, so we work closely with our partners on their dream.

Value innovation

We don’t copy paste features. Instead,we help you create a unique business model that thrives in the digital era by capitalizing on the markets gaps whether in design, development or business.

Data based

In order to create projects that engage customers in real life, we need to stay realistic. Through data and insights, our decision making process is supported with facts and previous analysis for similar situations so we can estimate pros and plan for cons.

Hard work beats talent

We don't believe in talent, but we do trust the math so if you exert effort in the right direction consistently, you will surely reach your destination.

Sara Najar

Online Marketing Manager

Start with why

We always look for the root cause behind actions. Our critical thinking methodology ensures that we come up with a suitable solution that fits from all aspects

Less is more

We believe that simple experiences are hard to create but easy to remember. So we start from huge versions and look for something to remove not an extra thing to add.

Do it for humans

What benefits humanity lasts for eternity. That's why we work on creating projects of value that makes people’s life easier, and with time becomes part of their lifestyle.

Play, don't work.

It’s not about delivering the project; it's about enjoying the game and making moves that you’re proud of because you're playing not working.

One who has no morals, has no knowledge.

A Business that is not built on morals and ethics is fragile and liable to distortion. Knowledge will come in a way or another, but if it came in a corrupted environment, it won't function as it must do.

Ahmad Aloun

Web Design

Success comes with a paycheck.

What every player needs to understand is that persistence sometimes is more important than skills and with great successes comes great sacrifices.

Time is not gold, it’s much more expensive.

Today is never like tomorrow or the next year. Things are always changing and evolving, so you don't have to wait for the perfect moment. Just start now.

For every problem there is a solution and an IDEAL solution.

Problems are not as important as your attitude toward them. All problems have solutions that might come to our mind when we start thinking, but we always seek the perfect solution, the one that leaves no trace to the problem, we solve the problem at its roots because we don't accept half-solutions.

The necktie suffocate only the one who wears it.

Formality doesn’t require seriousness and high towers. True leadership success means creating a team of leaders who are never afraid of bringing you their problems.
Freedom comes with responsibility, and limitation is the first enemy of capabilities. Every team’s player should have the permission to do what he thinks best. A culture of freedom makes them feel okay with mistakes and never satisfied with anything less than innovation.


Elegance Trading Company



Passionate projects
we deliver with quality

We are Ancologi

Started back in 2018 with a mission of changing cultures and impacting humanity positively. we tried to follow an authentic approach to produce solutions that boost businesses' performance and become part of people’s lifestyle.
We pour our souls into everything we do, and take pride in ourselves and our visions. That’s why we create things in our own way, and add unexpected twists to every project.
Walking the talk, and talking the walk. We respect the trust our partners put in us and take the responsibility of meeting the image created in their minds.
No secrets. No barriers. We work closely with our partners to create projects of value. When issues arise, we address it together, and talk freely over anything, and everything.
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