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All transactions, memoranda of understanding and contracts signed by the company and they contain eight pages of terms and conditions that guarantee the right of the customer and the right of the company and are sent after accepting the initial price offer sent to the customer. Our headquarters is located in Minister Kanstraat 28-A, 4815HG, Breda, Netherlands. We recommend that you view our business and know the type of clients we deal with. You can at any time book an appointment and meet us at our headquarters or you can contact us via WhatsApp or call click here.

We have in Ancologi a client’s area through which you can follow everything from the moment of signing the memorandum (contract) to receiving your application, site, or project. Where the memorandum is signed and sent electronically, and direct follow-up of your work through the client’s area. If you are from outside the Netherlands

At the moment we have (Bank, Ideal, Western Union.)

40% is required as a down payment when contracting your project. Then the rest of the amount is paid in two or three batches, one batch after approval of the designs for development and programming, and payment upon delivery of a preliminary copy of the project and a batch upon completion of the project, and also you will get technical support for a full year on what was agreed upon and accomplished.

For us it does not. We will define and discuss all your project requirements on this basis. Upon your acceptance of the agreed price, we will strictly adhere to this price, unless you change what has been agreed upon (during or after the design process or want to add other components) In short, the source code and all files associated with your project will be delivered to you once the project is completed and technical support goes into effect for a year without paying any additional costs.

At first, the application form is filled out and sent to us to know your requirements, such as your business idea, the colors required in the design, the models you would like to like, and other matters according to the form for requesting each service (design request form, mobile application form, website request form …) and then transfer 40 % Of the amount as a down payment to start work. After that, we design your own business and send you a proof of design after 7 days in order to obtain baptism for it, or you send us the required modifications to the design so that we can amend it and resend it to you… After the design approval is taken, 30% of the remaining amount will be transferred to start the programming phase of your commercial activity, and finally, the remaining amount will be sent after the completion of your project.

We guarantee any project that we design or program and are ready to help in case you encounter any problems, and we provide support for a year or within the framework of the agreement and the concluded contract

The site completion period usually ranges within 2 weeks or more, starting from the date of confirmation of the request by the client, and in the event that there are special software requirements, another time is determined during which the customer follows the stages of designing his site step by step through a special control panel and can participate and express an opinion in each part within The design process to reach the final shape that he prefers and desires.

You can access and control your site from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and the site has a CMS content management system. The content management system will allow you to update the website content immediately and as frequently as you wish.

Yeah. We can redesign your website while maintaining the general style of the site, or completely redesign and change the style. We can also redesign the website and allow you to take advantage of the latest technology.

Of course, we have, like any software company, that respects the security and information of its customers, and you can view it from here.

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