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Overview – Thanks for being our success partner!

Ancologi offers many services for businesses to help accelerate their activities. By requesting Ancologi services, using its tools and resources, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand and fully accept to be bound to our terms of services and privacy policy. These terms and conditions govern the use of Ancologi services so kindly read the following lines of agreement carefully and if you don’t agree with any of the listed terms you may choose not to proceed with your service request. In case you have any questions contact us for further clarification.

Ancologi services

Ancologi provides businesses with authentic digital solutions that include (business, branding, animation, advertising, type design, technology, development, interaction, product design). These services are designed to enable our clients to execute their ideas and turn it into reality through a tailored process that suits each project reality. We comply with an iteration mindset that requires producing versions of the project until we finally feel satisfied with the end result. And by the end of the project, we deliver all the open source files and the deliverables  to our clients in case he/she needed to presume to work with another agency in the future.

Using our services

We provide our services in the boundaries pretermitted to us by law. We may suspend or stop providing our services to you if you don’t comply with our terms or policies or in case of discovering a misuse. Using our services, tools and resources don’t give you the ownership of the intellectual property rights over our services or the content you access. While providing our services, we may need to communicate with you through administrative messages, pop-ups, emails and other forms of communication without the need for your confirmation.

Your Ancologi account

By requesting our services, you may need to create a Ancologi account to better monitor and communicate with us during the project execution period and to access the rest of our websites and products. Your Ancologi account may be created by you or assigned to you by one of our customer care agents. If it’s assigned to you, you’re required to reset the account setting (e.g. password and username) to secure your information. To protect your account, keep your account login information confidential and use a different password than the one you use with other platforms. In case of noticing unauthorized account access or activity you are not responsible of, kindly notify us immediately through: privacy@ancologi.com. In this case, we may require you to provide us with certain information to be able to validate your identity and recover your account.

We have the right to assume that all the transactions and communications between you and us through your account are made by you in person, not another third party. Ancologi is not responsible for any damages, loss or liability that may incur from someone else using your password or account either with or without your acknowledgment.


If you are using our services on behalf of your company, then you must be authorized to accept this agreement on behalf of the company you are representing. In case you have been suspended from using our services kindly don’t submit orders through any means of ordering available on or off the website.

Requesting a service

By requesting any of Ancologi services, you may be asked to provide certain information during the project review period including, without limitation, contact data, project details, budget, and proposed timeline. When providing your data, you need to make sure that your information is accurate, current and complete. All the information collected is used by Ancologi to better determine the scale of operation and the needed services for the business. Everything you provide is fully protected by our privacy policy terms from unauthorized access or disclosure.

After reviewing the project, we maintain the whole right of accepting or rejecting the project. We may choose to clarify the reasons behind the rejection or not. However, our reasons for rejection may include:

  • The project business type and size ( whether too big or with no concrete value).
  • The budget set for the project execution.
  • The timeline, deadlines, and delivery dates of the project.
  • The required specifications of the project.
  • Having a culture, business, ethical or legal conflict with the project idea.

The project duration period starts counting from the date of the first payment transfer. As the first payment transfer marks the real commitment from your side towards the project execution.


If you would like to know more about how we collect and use the data we collect from you, kindly check our Privacy Policy section.

Third party external links and services

Our website may include external links to different websites and services which we don’t control, or own. We are not responsible for the availability of such links and resources and we don’t endorse it by any means. We also don’t hold any responsibility of the content, privacy policies, errors or practices maintained by any or such of these websites. And by agreeing to our terms of service, you confirm that Ancologi shall not be responsible directly or indirectly for any damage caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such websites or services.

Termination and changes

In case of breaching our terms of service, we may use our right of terminating the service immediately and without prior notice and no legal liability. Ancologi has the right to periodically check, review and edit the terms of service and provide a notification of any modifications in the updates section or through an email. In case you don’t agree with the new modifications, kindly don’t request Ancologi services and raise a flag by contacting us. You are always welcome to talk if you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or its modifications through:

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